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Tampa’s New Breed of Real Estate Business

We have a large number of real estate agents working for us that are experienced and knowledgeable of the real estate market in the entire 8-county Gulf Coast area. We believe that the best way to meet the needs of our clients is by understanding the local area in which they are selling or wishing to buy real estate. Real estate agents that aren’t familiar with the area they are working in aren’t going to be able to help their clients make the most informed possible decisions, after all. This kind of specific area expertise makes our real estate agents much more familiar with the real estate market in the area, thereby having more resources at their disposal when helping our clients with the buying and selling process.

Our local experience has led to incredible productivity – our agents are roughly 56 percent more productive than the industry average. We also provide our agents with an award winning training program to ensure our buyers and sellers’ needs are met. We have a number of local affiliations as well that cover every service needed during the process of buying or selling real estate.

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

1. Knowledge of Local Markets

Many real estate companies don’t have the detailed knowledge of local areas as we do. They may have an overall sense of the real estate market, but we find that it’s important to be familiar with the smaller details as well – and it allows us to provide more specific and helpful information to our buyers and sellers.

2. Resources

Our real estate agents have a huge amount of resources at their disposal, which means that our clients do as well. This includes access to a huge number of company listings for our buyers as well as an in-house network of buyers for our clients that are looking to sell real estate.

3. Close Affiliations

Many real estate companies are stubborn in the way that they do business. We will do what it takes to provide our buyers and sellers with the best possible service they can get, which means that we have established close relationships with other companies in the area in order to provide the most all-around best service that we can provide.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

In addition to having access to a large number of in-house listings, our real estate agents have been trained to work closely with our buyers in order to find their key drivers in the search for a new home. We also provide our buyers with a comprehensive market analysis in order to ensure that our buyers find the homes they want for what they are worth.

For Sellers:

Our real estate agents will work closely with all of our sellers in order to tailor a specific marketing plan around their needs as well as local market drivers. Our large number of resources help to increase the exposure of our sellers’ real estate.

Our Agents:

Every one of our real estate agents has been carefully trained in both the process of selling and buying real estate and have expertise knowledge of local markets. This gives them the ability to determine the correct market values of any properties within the areas, thereby allowing our buyers and sellers to be much more informed.