Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • How to Generate Real Estate Leads Without Breaking the Bank

    Nothing happens without a lead. No sold homes, no buyer information, no business. In today’s real estate market, getting leads is essential for closing out deals, but too often do agents run into the same problem: How do you compete against mega marketers with deep pockets? We all want our ads to be at the forefront of everyone’s eyes on Google, but most agents don’t have that kind of cash to spend all the time.

    What you need is a different medium to brand yourself on -- a place where one lead could become ten.

  • How You Can Find Your Dream Home Almost Instantly

    Trying to find your dream home can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to start. Driving around the neighborhood in search of "For Sale" signs is certainly not the way to do it, unless you have an abundance of time on your hands. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we've worked hard to provide you all the features and tools you need to find your dream house. The following is a brief overview of how you can use our website to help you buy your new home:

  • How to Turn a Fixer-Upper Into $$$

    Investing in real estate can be a fantastic way to make some money. However, instead of buying newer homes that boast brand new features, consider investing in what’s called a “fixer-upper.” Fixer-uppers tend to need a little bit of work before they can be sold, but because of this, they are usually more affordable than newer properties. This can lead to larger profits when you actually renovate the home and flip it for a higher price. The following are several things to consider when finding the perfect fixer-upper as well as what types of renovations will net you the best ROI.

  • Your Broker Doesn’t Want You to Read This

    Don’t expect to hear the typical “real estate pitch” in this blog post. Carrington Real Estate is taking a new approach to doing business, and it starts with what we’re offering our agents. For too long real estate agents have tried to mine leads from cold calling and traditional marketing methods. Even today, new brokerages are starting to talk about their shift to digital marketing efforts, but does it really benefit you?

    Yes, stronger marketing campaigns produce more leads for you, but have you considered how you’ll manage them? Too often do we see agents spending countless hours sifting through leads only to find one gold nugget here and there. What you really need is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that will do the grunt work for you -- so you can focus on nurturing real relationships.

    With our recent partnership with BoomTown and the implementation of our Carrington Digital Network, we have made ripples in the real estate industry. Agents (and brokers) are looking at how we’re utilizing more than a “new marketing campaign” to drive leads. They’re dialing in on how we’re managing them, i.e. how we’re using software to find perfect opportunities to convert one click into a closing appointment.

    Here is what Carrington Real Estate provides its agents, and here is what your broker doesn’t want you to read: