Unlimited Real Estate Leads, for FREE

What if I told you that you could generate a steady stream of virtually unlimited buyer leads in less than 10 minutes per day?

Did I mention you can do this with ZERO cost, absolutely FREE?

Sounds too good to be true, right? And you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true…

I suppose the first question you’d be asking is if this is indeed true and you can generate an endless stream of leads for free, why have you not heard about this amazing lead source?

The second question you’d ask, why isn’t every real estate agent doing this?

Odds are good that you have already heard of this lead generating source and the odds are even better that you tried it at some point.

Of course, I’m talking about Craigslist.

Craigslist is a classified advertising website, which along with providing you the means to hold a virtual garage sale without the garage, without the hassle of all your stuff piled on the front lawn, without the awkward conversations with random strangers and nosy neighbors; Craigslist additionally provides you with the ability to market real estate properties and generate real estate leads.

The best part of Craigslist is that it is FREE.

You can post as many properties as you like, every day of the week, and as a result you can generate a constant flow of new real estate leads and do it all for zero expense.

(If you are not familiar with how to post an ad on Craigslist, you can watch my short how-to video)

Since a Craigslist lead generating system is incredibly easy to implement and since it does not cost you anything to generate a steady stream of free buyer leads, we have to look at the second question, why isn’t every real estate agent on Craigslist?

Why are you not on Craigslist?

Do you have too many leads?

Are you closing enough homes that you don’t want to sell another one?

Are you generating so much income that you don’t want any more business?

I’m willing to bet that you did not answer “yes” to any of the question above. I don’t think I have ever met an agent who thought they had too much business or earned too much. I know that even at the point where I was selling 175-200 homes per year, I never got to the point where I wasn’t interested in selling one more house.

So if you don’t have more leads than you can handle and you are not closing more transactions than you can manage, why are you not on Craigslist?

Let me give you 6 reasons why agents are not posting and generating real estate leads with Craigslist.

Reason #1 – I don’t have any listings

One of the most effective methods to generate leads on Craigslist is to advertise homes you have listed for sale.

So what if you don’t have any listings?

Many agents quit right here before they even start, thinking that because they don’t have any listings of their own they don’t have anything they can market on Craigslist.

Let me give you 4 quick ideas for how you can post on Craigslist even if you don’t have any listings of your own:

  1. Ask other agents in your office for permission to post their properties
  2. Ask agents outside your office for permission to post their properties
  3. HUD homes (see guidelines for marketing these properties)
  4. FSBOs – you can offer a service to for sale by owners to market and create exposure for their home, for FREE

Reason #2 – I’m not tech savvy

I have met agents who think that posting on Craigslist is hard and they are not “tech savvy” enough.

Posting on Craigslist is like any other skill, the more you do it, the easier and faster you become at it. And if you watched my video on how to post a listing on Craigslist, you have seen how easy it is create a real estate ad on Craigslist and you already know that this excuse does not hold water.

Reason #3 – Craigslist is not for me

Contrary to the favorite motto of most real estate agents, “if it’s free, it’s for me,” there are agents who think Craigslist is for rookie agents or for agents with no business and nothing better to do with their time.

It you are just starting out or have little to no business to speak of, you have ZERO excuses for not implementing a Craigslist lead generating system.  I can also tell you that even in my best years, selling 175-200 homes, I always used Craigslist and posted ads 6 days per week. Craigslist was instrumental in selling as many homes as I did.

Reason #4 – Craigslist leads are bad

Many real estate agents they are under the impression that Craigslist leads are low quality and a waste of time.

Let’s look at what a lead it. A lead, in real estate or any other sales profession is an opportunity.  What you make of the opportunity is up to you.

The purpose of any marketing is to generate leads and Craigslist, as a marketing strategy, is extremely effective at generating leads, what happens to the leads and opportunities you are given, that is in your hands.

Reason #5 – posting on Craigslist is a pain

This one goes to the way most real estate agents and sales people are wired. We like action and excitement. We like to be out in the world, showing homes, meeting new people and closing deals.

Posting real estate ads on Craigslist on the other hand, is not very exciting. Odds are, even if you tried to generate leads on Craigslist in the past, you probably got bored with it after a few days or a few weeks at best.

I wish I had an easy solution for you on this one. All I can tell you is that in my experience of having worked with hundreds of agents, one of the main things that set the successful real estate agents apart from the ones that never quite seem to make it is how consistent they are in their marketing and lead generating efforts.

This brings me to…

Reason #6 – I’m here to sell homes

I often ask real estate agents what their main “job” is as a real estate professional.

In fact, why don’t you take a second and tell me the first answer that comes to your mind.

Selling, that is the response I get more than any other by far.

So let me ask you a follow up question, who or what are you selling?

Obviously clients who want to buy a home or want to list their homes.

OK, but where did those buyers and sellers come from?

What we often fail to see is that without an effective marketing system there are no leads and without a lead generating system there are no clients or houses for us to sell.

The number one responsibility of any real estate agent is to generate leads.

If you are not constantly generating leads, you will have no clients, no sales and ultimately no income.

You can generate leads with Craigslist, open houses, networking and any number of other marketing avenues, but generate real estate leads you must if you want to have clients who you can sell so you can generate income and make a living.

The #1 job in your real estate business is to market and prospect in order to generate new leads on a continual basis and Craigslist should be part of your strategy. At less than 10 minutes per day and zero cost, how can you even think about saying no?

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